The beauty of the Wudang Mountains covered in snow


Enclosed by red walls, the ancient building complexes atop the Wudang Mountains look magnificent under the cover of snow.

Bare-chested Wudang disciples practice kung fu in the snow


A Taoist master from the Wudang Mountains in Hubei province, Zhong Yunlong, recently revealed some photos of his disciples practicing their martial arts routine one snowy day.

10 key projects--the Yuxu Palace Main Hall


Xuyu Palace, built in the 10th year of Emperor Yongle's reign in the Ming Dynasty, was the biggest of eight palaces on the Wudang Mountains.

10 key projects--Wudang Mountain Tourism Development Center


Located in the Taichi Lake Zoology and Culture Tourism Area, this center occupies an area of 6,118 square meters. Its gross building area totals 19,178 sq m. It was also designed by the China Architecture Design Institute.

10 key projects--Wudang Tourist Wharf


Designed by the China Architecture Design Institute, the wharf occupies an area of 110,000 square meters, with a gross building area of 12,000 square meters for 100 ships.

10 key projects--Five Dragon Palace Highway Upgrade Project


Five Dragon Palace Highway is a travel channel reaching Five Dragon Palace. It starts at Liuliping town of Danjiangkou city in the north and ends at Five Dragon Palace in the south. It is built in accordance with Grade III construction criteria for a mountain ridge highway.

Sunrise and snow on the Golden Summit


The Wudang Mountains, a famous Taoist mountain range, was covered in snow on Jan 1, 2013. There were many people waiting to see the sunrise on the top of Tianzhu Peak.

Jumbled plot serves up visual extravaganza


Every Chinese filmmaker has a kung-fu dream. Zhang Yimou minted Hero; Feng Xiaogang offered his Banquet.Even martial-arts films face competition in the West

10 key projects--Wudang Geology Museum


Designed by the China Architecture Design Institute, the museum is located along the river of the Taichi Lake Zoology and Culture Tourism Area. It mainly consists of a show hall, a meeting hall and offices. Its gross building area is 4,800 square meters.

10 key projects--Wudang International Kung Fu Communication Center Project


With a gross investment of 100 million yuan, the center occupies a floor area of 25,300 square meters and has 3,581 fixed seats. It may hold up to 5,000 people. Several major activities have already been successfully held here.

10 key projects--Taichi Lake Theater


Taichi Lake Theater is located in the Taichi Lake Zoology and Culture Tourism Area. It was designed by the Central South Architectural Design Institute and has a gross building area of 20,500 square meters. It has a performance hall spanning over 4,000 sq m that can hold 1,000 guests.

Best foot forward


Supplementary to the new regulation on China's roads, Hubei province has ruled that drivers must give way to pedestrians, many of whom said they look forward to seeing more provinces adopt the rule.

Wuhan willing to pay BBQ store owners to leave


The government of Wuhan, Hubei province, said it is willing to pay the migrant owners of charcoal-fueled roadside barbecue stores that return to their hometowns

Star-studded night


With the New Year around the corner, TV stations across the country will launch annual star-studded galas.

Volunteers safeguard 'lake city'


Ke Zhiqiang takes a stroll around East Lake in Wuhan every weekend, but it is not the fresh air or the exercise that draws him there. Rather than taking in the scenery, his gaze is generally fixed on the lake's surface, on the lookout for trash, dead fish or anything else that shouldn't be there. He is one of 40 volunteer guardians helping environmental authorities to protect the city's many lakes against new sources of pollution and illegal land reclamation projects.

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