Ancient Longzhong

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Updated: 2012-02-07

Caolu Pavilion

Ancient Longzhong

Caolu Pavilion was built during the Qing Dynasty to commemorate Zhuge Liang.

The Caolu Pavilion was built during Qing Dynasty. Originally, here was the relics of Caolu Pavilion. However, it was destroyed by King Xiangjian in the Ming Dynasty for he appreciated the scenery of Longzhong, and then built his bomb. And in the year 1794 during the Qing Dynasty, a minister built the Caolu Pavilion on the relics so as to commemorate Zhuge Liang.

Baoxi Pavilion

Baoxi Pavilion, which is a three-storied hexagonal pavilion, is located in Longzhong Mountain. It was built in 1888. When tourists come here, they always think about the scene when Zhuge Liang was reciting in this pavilion.

Laolong Cave

Ancient Longzhong
Laolong Cave is a spring cave.

Located at the foot of Longzhong Mountain, Laolong Cave is a spring cave with a long history. Zhuge Liang used the spring to irrigate the field when he was bury himself in the country.

Travel tips:

Ever since the Tang Dynasty, Jingxiang area has formed a custom of “appreciate peonies in Longzhong Mountain on March 3 in Spring (according to Lunar Calendar)”. Compared to Luoyang in Henan province and Heze in Shandong province, the peonies of Longzhong in Hubei province blossom one month ahead of time. Longzhong becomes the country’s wild peony protection base. To appreciate peonies in April is a good choice.

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