Lantian Eco-agricultural Tourism Garden

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Updated: 2011-12-08

Ecological benefits

Honghu Lantian Eco-agricultural Tourism Garden wetland is a great source of water. The water from streams, rivers, ponds and lakes is used by the local residents and in industrial production and agricultural irrigation.

Supplement underground water: The water for daily life is largely mined from the underground. The Honghu ecological system may supply water to the underground water storage layer. The water is directed from the wetland to the water storage layer and becomes part of the underground water system. It also supplies water for industrial and agricultural production in neighboring areas. If the wetland is damaged or destroyed, it will be unable to supply water to the underground water storage layer and the underground water resources will be reduced.

Regulate rate of flow to control flood: Honghu Lantian ecological system is a giant storage reservoir. It may store torrential rains and river water in the flood season and evenly draw off water to subside damage to the lower reaches. Therefore, protecting the wetland is to protect the natural water storage system.

Protect lake banks and shield hurricanes: Honghu Lantian Eco-agricultural Tourism Garden is home to diversified plants. These wetland plants may withstand impacts of waves and storms and guard against the erosion of lake banks. Their roots may strengthen lake banks to protect local industrial and agricultural production.

Eliminate and transform poisons and impurities: Honghu Lake that accommodates the Honghu Lantian Eco-agricultural Tourism Garden may slow down stream flow speed. When running water containing poisons and impurities (pesticides, domestic sewage and industrial emissions) passes, it will flow at slow rate, depositing and eliminating the poisons and impurities. Some of the wetland plants, like reeds and lake lotuses, effectively absorb the toxic substances. In real life, many wetlands are used as small life sewage treatment sites. In this process, it improves water quality and benefits people’s lives and production.

Keep nutrient substances: When water flows through Honghu Lantian Eco-agricultural Tourism Garden, the nutrients are either absorbed by wetland plants or accumulated in wetland mud. It helps purify downstream water sources. The wetland nutriments nourish fish, shrimps, trees, wild animals and wetland crops.

Prevent salt water encroachment: Freshwater flowing out of marshes, rivers and streams restricts seawater encroachment. The plants also help guard against tide water to flow back to rivers. If we excessively extract wetland water and simply dry up wetlands, the freshwater flows will reduce. Seawater will make incursion in great quantity and will cut down the freshwater supply for people’s lives, industrial and agricultural production and will affect the ecological systems.

Supply exploitable materials: Honghu Lantian Eco-agricultural Tourism Garden wetland may supply us with multiple goods, including timbers, crude drugs, animal leathers, meat, eggs, fish, shrimps, forage grass, fruits and reeds. It may also supply hydropower and peat wood.

Maintain microclimate: Honghu Lantian Eco-agricultural Tourism Garden wetland may affect the local microclimate. Wetland moisture is evaporated into water vapor and then falls back to neighboring areas as rains. It maintains local humidity and rainfall and influences people’s lives and industrial and agricultural production.

Habitats of wild animals: Honghu Lantian Eco-agricultural Tourism Garden is the place for birds, fishes and amphibious animals to reproduce, inhabit, migrate and live through the winter. Many of the animals are rare and endangered species.

Education and scientific research values: The complicated Honghu wetland ecological system, the rich animal and plant colonies and precious endangered species are of great significance in natural science education and research. Some places keep cultural relics of precious historical values. They are important to study histories and cultures.

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