Golden Summit Scenic Area

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Updated: 2011-07-11

Along the mountainside under the palace lies a circular stone wall named Purple Gold City. Facing the cliff, the high wall is 1.5 kilometers long with four stone gates. The steepness adds to the impression of loftiness.

From Golden Hall, mountains green with forests can be seen. The Danjiang Reservoir appears to be as smooth as a mirror. The Taihe, Nanyan and Wulong palaces are positioned in order with a compact layout. Watching the sunrise in the morning and enjoying seas of clouds in the evening is like visiting a fairyland.

The legend of Golden Hall

According to legend, after the first Ming (1368-1644) emperor Zhu Yuanzhang fought with the then-ruling Yuan (1271-1368) army and failed, he escaped to a small hut at the foot of Wudang Mountain and met with Emperor Zhenwu, the Taoist god of Wudang Mountain, who transformed himself into an old Taoist. Zhu begged the Taoist to save his life. The Taoist said, "If I save you, the pursuing army will burn my hut. Where can I live?" Zhu replied, “If you save me and your hut is burned, I'll repay you with a golden palace in future.”

The Taoist agreed and made Zhu invisible by others using his magic power. The Yuan army didn't find Zhu and burned the hut. Zhu saw the hut burn, but he didn’t see the old Taoist t. He suddenly realized that the Taoist must be Emperor Zhenwu.

After taking the throne, Zhu forgot his promise about the golden palace. When he was old, Zhu dreamed that God Zhenwu came to him for the hut. Zhu asked his ministers and his descendants to build the Golden Palace for God Zhenwu. Zhu died before the palace could be built. Years later, Zhu Di, the fourth son of Zhu Yuanzhang, ascended the throne and built the Golden Palace.

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